Silent Hills

Norman Reedus has never played PT

Despite the demo for Silent Hills taking on a cult status, the actor has never tried the horror out for himself.

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Hideo Kojima was working on Silent Hills before he departed Konami, with the game's teaser PT being released and celebrated as one of the scariest gaming experiences, but it turns out the star of the demo - Norman Reedus - has never actually tried it out for himself.

"I have never played it," he said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "I've seen it! I know I'm the surprise at the end. I've seen it played, and it's terrifying. It's a horror film."

"I think we shot a little something once, a teaser thing, and he turned it into a trailer for the game that became sort of a cult thing, which I know because friends of mine who are gamers, who I didn't know were gamers, have that year's PlayStation with that trailer downloaded on the console itself, and that became worth big money."

This isn't too surprising, as in the same interview he says he's not that big a gamer, although that may change when Death Stranding releases this week.

Would you have liked to see more of him in PT and/or Silent Hills?

Silent Hills

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