Microsoft Flight Simulator

Nordics are even more beautiful after new Microsoft Flight Simulator update

The update launches the same days as the game's Xbox Series debut.

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After improving regions like Japan, US, UK, and France in Microsoft Flight Simulator to really make them stand out, it is now time to make a colder and more northern part of the world shine. World Update V launches on July 27 (the same day as the Xbox Series S/X premiere for the game), and this time the Nordic countries have gotten the honor.

That means Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden are about to look better than even when viewed from an aircraft window. 100 airports have been improved, as have 78 places of certain interest and the biggest airports has been made more photorealistic. There are also five "bush trips" included, one for each country, that help you sightseeing of the most spectacular places.

The update is free of charge, and you can check out the beauty of these countries in the trailer below:

Microsoft Flight Simulator
Microsoft Flight Simulator
Microsoft Flight Simulator
Microsoft Flight Simulator
Microsoft Flight Simulator

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