Nolan North wants Marvel to do a new Deadpool game

And he would also love for Ryan Reynolds to make a cameo appearance.

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Let's be honest - the Deadpool game, released in 2013, was far from brilliant, but it did have some redeeming qualities, including the irreverent (and almost inappropriate) humour the character is well known for. When the Deadpool movie hit theatres, the game was eventually re-released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, as player interest in the character increased considerably.

However, there's a problem. Activision lost the rights to all their Marvel games in 2017, which forced the removal of the Deadpool game from stores, including digital ones. So, unless you purchased it before the license expired, or look for a copy in the second-hand market, getting a copy of the Deadpool game might be a difficult task... Of course, the solution is to make an entirely new game.

Nolan North (known for his role as Nathan Drake) was one of the most positive elements in the original game, and in a conversation with Comic Book Movie, he admitted his desire to work on a new Deadpool game. Apparently he's even talking with Marvel and trying to make it happen, thanks to the contacts he acquired during the development of Marvel's Avengers (Nolan North is Tony Stark in that game).

Nolan North also admitted to being a big fan of Ryan Reynolds' work with the character and confessed that would love for a cameo appearance from the actor in the game.

Considering Marvel's commitment to video games in recent years, we think a return of Deadpool is more than likely.


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