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Noise cancellation could become standard in future headsets

With Qualcomm's new Bluetooth chip, noise cancellation headphones could potentially become standard.

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Qualcomms new wireless Bluetooth chips, QCC514x and QCC304x SystemOnChip will support the new TrueWireless Mirroring, along with dedicated parts for hybrid active noise cancellation and digital assistants.

The TrueWireless Mirroring works by sending a signal to one earpiece, which is then mirrored in the other earpiece, reducing the need for synchronization, and creating a more stable connection.

Hybrid active noise cancellation integrates noise cancellation in a cheaper way, while also opening up for pass-through for outside noise, also known as Transparency Mode with more expensive earphones. Due to improvements, battery time should also improve with noise cancellation mode on.

These chips are meant for entry-level products, which is a strong indicator that even cheap in-ears will have a better connection, active noise cancellation, Transparency Mode and better battery life really soon.

Noise cancellation could become standard in future headsets

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