Node Technology shown off in new Ashes of Creation dev diary
Ashes of Creation

Node Technology shown off in new Ashes of Creation dev diary

See how Intrepid is creating the world to feel varied and unique even though some elements are randomised in the MMO.

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Intrepid Studios is working on their ambitious MMO Ashes of Creation right now, and the first episode of their new dev diary series on the game's systems has just been released, talking in more depth about Node Technology and what that'll mean for players.

This essentially talks about how all the areas in the game are constructed so that they all feel unique in terms of the layout and the items placed. Elements can be randomised as well, like roads and bridges, but for the most part the sense of discovery should be there when you find a new location, according to the developers.

Earlier this month Intrepid shared details on Ashes of Creation's future, speaking at length about where the game is and what's in store for the future, and this is just another step in their transparency with fans about the progress being made.

Does the Node Technology look promising?

Ashes of Creation

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