No timeline for PS streaming in Europe

Sony's Jim Ryan explains why PS3/PS4 streaming is still a long way off for European gamers.

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During E3 we talked with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's CEO, Jim Ryan, about the company's plans to launch their streaming service for PS3 and PS4.

Whilst North American console owners are likely to see the service arrive sometime in 2014, it appears that European gamers will have a little longer to wait, and as yet the company doesn't have a timeline for when it'll be introduced in this part of the world.

"It's going to be pretty much a phased approach. It's going to phased in terms of geography, and in terms of how we do it," Ryan explained to us. "So we'll launch in North America in 2014, we are working to bring that service to other parts of the world, and most notably Europe. But you know Europe's... I love Europe, it's a great place to live and it's all different... Scandanavia's different to Italy is different to France, everything is different to the UK."

He continued: "That difference makes it great to live there, but it makes it rather difficult to do stuff like introducing a cloud gaming service because it's just very fragmented, so there's a lot of detail to work through in the process of doing that, but we don't yet have a timeline for introduction outside of North America."

Ryan then confirmed the order in which the service would be appearing: "We will start with the streaming of PS3 games, to both PS3 and PS4, and that will quickly be followed by Playstation Vita as a client device."

When asked when streaming content would make the leap to next-gen, we were told: "Yeah, that's also on the roadmap, but as I said we'll start with PS3, and then quickly it will migrate to content from other platforms."

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