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No, there won't be any kind of NFT's in Minecraft

Mojang simply refuses and says it would break the game and community.

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Roughly a year ago, it still looked like NFT's would be a huge part of the future of video games, and basically a new way for companies to make money off us gamers and transform our hobby into a marketplace.

But this was met with an overwhelming backlash from gamers around the world, but even from some companies like Square Enix and Ubisoft still think NFT's is a great idea, others have been way more reluctant. Now we can firmly put the Minecraft creator Mojang in the latter category.

In a lengthy post over at the official website, they say this is something they refuse to implement and also argues that it would destroy the foundations of the game as NFT's "can create models of scarcity and exclusion that conflict with our Guidelines and the spirit of Minecraft". Mojang is also afraid it might split the userbase and lead to "a scenario of the haves and the have-nots". They end their argument like this:

"As such, to ensure that Minecraft players have a safe and inclusive experience, blockchain technologies are not permitted to be integrated inside our Minecraft client and server applications nor may they be utilized to create NFTs associated with any in-game content, including worlds, skins, persona items, or other mods. We will also be paying close attention to how blockchain technology evolves over time to ensure that the above principles are withheld and determine whether it will allow for more secure experiences or other practical and inclusive applications in gaming. However, we have no plans of implementing blockchain technology into Minecraft right now."

Basically, no NFT's in Minecraft, and we assume roughly 0% you reading this will shed a tear over this wonderful decision.


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