No, Scalebound is seemingly still not coming back

Although the Xbox boss Phils Spencer didn't outright deny it either this time.

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It's been five years since Microsoft decided to pull the plug on Scalebound, developed by PlatinumGames. At first, this led to the Xbox team being heavily criticized, but the director Hideki Kamiya later apologized for the failures on his behalf, and said he would like to give the game another shot.

As a result, there are still people dreaming of Scalebound and when the Xbox boss Phil Spencer visited Tokyo Game Show last week, he got questions about this and Game Watch wanted to know what the chances are of a revival of the game. Spencer replied (translated by VGC): "There's currently nothing to say about Scalebound."

While this definitely is a negative response for people hoping for Scalebound, it's worth pointing out that it is a more vague respons than Spencer has given before regarding the same matter. As Microsoft currently tries to increase their Japanese output for Xbox, a title like Scalebound would definitively help a lot.


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