Rare Replay

No Rare Replay for Wii U

Minecraft release is not a sign of things to come.

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As Microsoft released their first game on Wii U with Minecraft: Wii U Edition, some Nintendo enthusiasts thought it was a sign that more Microsoft properties could make it over. Most notably they wanted to see Rare Replay - a collection of 30 Rare titles, including some classics from the Super NES and Nintendo 64 eras, released on Wii U.

We're not quite sure where they got the idea that this might be a possibility. Afterall seeing Minecraft released on the umpteenth platform isn't the same as Microsoft dedicating their own studios and teams to bringing their exclusives out on competing formats.

In separate tweets Microsoft Game Studios and Rare shot down the notion of Rare Replay coming to Wii U.

MGS: "We appreciate all your suggestions! However, we have no information of any games coming to the WiiU other than Minecraft at this time."

Rare: "Lots of Qs about Wii U! But #RareReplay's exclusive to Xbox One, and we're hard at work on Sea of Thieves. Appreciate the enthusiasm though!"

Rare Replay

Thanks, VG247.

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