No one asked Marvel if it would be okay to use Agent Spider in Invincible

Robert Kirkman: "I'm pretty sure Marvel found out about it today. So, we didn't call any Marvel lawyers or anything."

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The Invincible Season 2 finale aired last week and looked to wrap up a few different storylines all while setting the stage for the inevitable third season. During that episode, fans will have noticed a bunch of different references and new characters, including Mark wielding a sniper rifle from Fortnite and meeting a character who is but isn't Spider-Man.

Speaking about these references, Invincible creator revealed that while Epic Games was absolutely on-board with the concept, the team thought it was best to not involve Marvel in the decision process at all and instead used a method that exists in a bit of a legal grey area.

Kirkman told Variety: "There might be some similarities, but I think Josh's nuanced performance as Agent Spider is completely different than the way he played Spider-Man in 'Spectacular Spider-Man.' But who knows? My opinion may be somewhat biased. I'm pretty sure Marvel found out about it today. So, we didn't call any Marvel lawyers or anything. No, that was Amazon's legal department's job to make sure that Marvel didn't need to know."

As per the Fortnite reference, Kirkman mentioned that working with Epic Games was much easier. "It's the actual model for the Dragon's Breath sniper rifle. That was all referenced and approved and seemed like a fun nod since he's in the Fortnite game. Maybe Angstrom sent him there and everything in the game is canon and he's coming out with a gun. That seemed like a fun, official Easter egg we could do. It was kind of an organic thing that happened because we were talking about Invincible being in the game at the same time as I was writing the episode."

The final episode also had a few other legally-fine but grey references and cameos too, including that of a certain caped crusader who is a man that dresses up as a bat. Strange choice of superhero attire if you ask us...


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