No More Room in Hell 2

No More Room in Hell, one of the best Source creations of all-time, is getting a sequel

8-player co-op, permadeath, and your character can become a zombie.

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No More Room in Hell released in 2011 and gave players a great co-op experience, pitting them against zombies as they try desperately to collect weapons to fight them off.

Now, it's getting a sequel. With some fresh and gory graphics, expanded co-op, and tonnes of zombies for you to survive against, there's a big upgrade coming in No More Room in Hell 2. The game is set to arrive in Early Access this Halloween as well, so we won't be waiting too long.

You'll start separated from your friends in No More Room in Hell 2, so you'll have to survive a bit on your own first, too. The game is going to be tough, as once you die, that's it, and your corpse will then rise to attack your friends.


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