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No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky sees huge spike in player numbers

Players return in droves after NEXT update.

Just recently Hello Games' space exploration game No Man's Sky got a big update by the name of NEXT, which landed alongside the release of the game on Xbox One for the first time. The game was a disappointment for many back in 2016 when it launched, but it has since been updated and tweaked over the subsequent two years. It seems that those efforts are starting to pay off.

According to Steam Charts, No Man's Sky's concurrent users peaked at over 60,000 players on Steam this week. No Man's Sky's all-time peak is over 200,000, which still a long way off, but it's an encouraging return to form for a game the endured a tough time at launch.

Are you playing No Man's Sky again, or have you only just started playing? Leave your comments below. You can also read our original review about No Man's Sky right here, and we're playing the game on Xbox One and plan on re-reviewing the game at some point next week.

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