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No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky now lets you hatch spaceships from space eggs

A delightfully strange feature has been added to Hello Games' No Man's Sky as part of its 2.3 update.

Hello Games showcased the game version 2.3 of their procedurally generated space adventure No Man's Sky earlier this week. The ninth content update, which is now available for download on all systems, is subtitled "Living Ship" and that illustrates what to expect from it quite well. Players will find a new story arc called "Starbirth", which lead them to an age-old "Corvex experiment" that offers special rewards for eager space travellers.

In the course of these assignments, we will investigate so-called space anomalies that lure brave adventurers with rare materials. Because these encounters don't always go according to plan, it's convenient that we don't have to approach them on our own (version 2.3 allows a group of players to be teleported through space together). In some cases, within these anomalies, we will snap up the call of a mysterious "void egg" that will ultimately allow us to witness the birth of a biological spaceship. According to Hello Games, the vehicle will be available in "dozen" versions, each of which is equipped with procedurally generated, unique, organic technologies.

Noteworthy other additions can be found in space, for example, we can now meet space-travelling NPCs now, most of them are some kind of dealer, but sometimes these people also want us to do something for them. Time-saving quality-of-live improvements will make inventory management easier while letting us split up collected resource packages in half for example. Furthermore, technical improvements have also been achieved on the Playstation, users of a PSVR headset will benefit in particular from those. All further information and the complete patch notes are available on the developer blog.

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