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No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky has lost 91% of daily Steam players in ten days

Player numbers plummet in wake of disappointment.

After its launch on PC August 12, No Man's Sky reached an amount of 212 321 players logged in at the same time, making it the most successful launch on Steam this year. The statistics on Steam does however show that the players are abandoning the game, and it has had a steady decline with a peak reading 19 055 players the last 24 hours. Now, naturally a single-player game will peak at launch and then drop its numbers, but this is way more than what you'd normally find.

This is not necessarily a death sentence, thousands of players are logged in at any given time, but it's hard to interpret it as anything other than a rather poor trend. Maybe players will come back when the game has been patched up and updated as PC players have experienced a lot of teething issues.

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