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Death Stranding

No Hideo Kojima at The Game Awards

Does that mean we won't see Death Stranding this year?

The temperature is heating up ahead of The Game Awards tonight, but one person we've come to expect every year, won't be there. Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima enjoys a special relationship with host and organiser Geoff Keighley, and has premiered his last couple of games at the show (or its predecessor), won't be in Los Angeles for the event.

Kojima tweeted the following: "Good luck on your show tomorrow, Geoff! Sorry I couldn't make this time!"

Now, that doesn't necessarily rule out a new trailer for Death Stranding (it has been rumoured that the release date would be revealed during The Game Awards), but it does seem less likely with no Kojima in attendance.

The Game Awards start at 1:30 AM GMT (02:30 CET) tonight.

Death Stranding

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