"No crunch" was involved in developing Psychonauts 2
Psychonauts 2

"No crunch" was involved in developing Psychonauts 2

Senior producer Kevin Johnson recently confirmed this via Twitter.

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Crunch is a word that we have been hearing more and more of recently within the video games industry. With games now growing in scope and expectations, some studios have been forced into overdrive to produce a polished product on time and the result is often 100s of hours of overtime. Whilst it has become more of a prevalent thing, there are some studios that escape this crunch mentality completely and still manage to deliver on time.

Recently, Double Fine's senior producer Kevin Johnson took to Twitter to confirm there was "no crunch" involved in developing Psychonauts 2. He said: "Fun fact: Psychonauts 2 has had no crunch. The team has been amazing and I'm proud to have been a part of something so special that's been made in the schedule we set forth. I think you'll have fun too."

With crunch being such a widely used term at present, we are pleased to hear that Double Fine was able to escape this process, and we are counting down the days until Psychonauts 2's release on August 25.

Psychonauts 2

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