F1 2015

No Career mode for F1 2015, may roll into F1 2016

"We'll evaluate what people actually like - what they are playing, what features do they like the most," says game director.

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F2 2015's game director Paul Jeal has been giving some insight into creating an authentic racing experience in the latest title in an interview with Red Bull, discussing the lack of Career mode in the title, and explaining how the amount of licensing and sign-off approvals is making it difficult to work on post-launch DLC.

"Career mode isn't in 2015 - we felt like we weren't able to put career mode to the level we wanted, so that's something we're also looking at," he replied when asked what features he wanted to see in a future F1 title, suggesting we won't see it as part of a future 2015 update.

As for DLC for the new game, that's also proving problematic, though the team are interested in introducing classic content.

"It's quite a tough game to sort out downloadable content for. The license is based on the 2015 season, and then if you want any additional tracks and cars, all of that's extra money. It's something we want to look at for the future - when we look at classic content, for example, or whatever else we might do", Paul Jeal admits.

"Visual updates are also tricky for us, and we were one of the few who were happy that drivers are no longer allowed to change helmet design," he continued. "I think that Lewis and Seb [Vettel] changed theirs after every race. It's too much to keep on top of. One team changed their livery and or noses every race. So at the point we could get access to photography, make it, get it signed off, and get it out to the consumer, there would be another one out - it's just unrealistic to do."

F1 2015 is launching for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC tomorrow.

F1 2015

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