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Nioh to last for 70 hours

Although there's no PC port planned.

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Nioh, the action game developed by Team Ninja and reminiscent of Dark Souls, is shaping up to be one very long game. Game director Fumihiko Yasuda commented on the length of the game in an interview and stated that the average gamer will need 70 hours to complete it.

That's impressive for a game that's somewhat linear in design. Yasuda also got the question of a potential PC port of the game and, sadly, he said that there are no such plans, saying simply: "We currently do not have any plans to release Nioh for PC."

Nioh is also set to be very difficult, and Yasuda said there won't be easier difficulty modes. "No, we are not planning on including an "Easy" difficulty setting. Nioh is a tough game but those who do not enjoy (or feel skilled enough) to take on challenging games, we feel will find a sense of achievement from improving their skills and techniques to take on stronger bosses. This will be worth the challenge! As a piece of advice, when facing a boss, analysing the situation will offer hints to help players pave their way forward, as well as strengthening your character by boosting levels and improving the armour. Alternatively, the co-op play will allow players to bring a companion alongside them."

Nioh is planned to release on February 9 for the PlayStation 4, as Yasuda said that the development is on schedule for that. Is a length of 70 hours too ambitious?


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