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Nintendo's Miiverse has been archived

Millions of posts, replies, and more have been stored.

Despite not exactly being the busiest place on the internet the last few months, many of us were saddened when Nintendo announced that they were shutting down Miiverse in August. People around the world flooded to the service to say goodbye, while others didn't want to let go and started archiving what they could before the service was closed two months ago, the results of which we can now see.

Archive Team and Drastic Actions have done an incredible effort to preserve the immense amount of data that Miiverse consisted of and have launched the website called Archiverse, and here you can search through the 133,003,599 posts; 216,901,986 replies; 75,955,135 screenshots; 72,135,190 drawings; and almost everything else that could be found on the service. Sounds like a lot, doesn't it? It is, but the nearly 17 terabytes of data isn't even everything that existed on Miiverse. The website states that they didn't manage to archive every single thing that could be found, as they just didn't have enough time. It does however seem like they got most of it, so chances are you'll find what you're looking for.

Have you found some old or new favourites?

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Nintendo's Miiverse has been archived

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