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Nintendo wins UK court case blocking piracy sites

Five internet providers must block access to sites helping with piracy and the modding of Nintendo Switch consoles.

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None of us are fans of piracy, but Nintendo is particularly ruthless against the practice, which is why it's good news for them that they've won a court case meaning that UK internet providers must block access to sites enabling piracy for the Nintendo Switch, as reported by Eurogamer.

The injunction in question requires Virgin Media, Talktalk, EE, BT, and Sky to "block, or at least impede access" to four sites allowing distribution of pirated titles for the console, as well as modifying hardware and consoles to enable piracy. The high court also agreed with Nintendo's claims that these sites infringed on trademarks, and that there was no legal defence for modifying the hardware to allow piracy.

"Today, the UK High Court found the sale and distribution of 'circumvention' devices for the Nintendo Switch unlawful," a Nintendo spokesperson told Eurogamer. "Nintendo is pleased that the UK High Court has confirmed that dealing in devices or software that enable piracy on Nintendo Switch systems is unlawful."

"This decision will help protect the UK games industry and the more than 1800 developers worldwide that create games for the Nintendo Switch platform, and who rely on legitimate sales of games for their livelihood and to keep bringing quality content to gamers."

"These circumvention devices, which enable the use of unauthorised copies of video games, jeopardise the businesses of those who uphold and rely upon the sales of legitimate products," UKIE spokesperson George Osborn added.

"As such UKIE fully supports the ruling and wishes to reiterate the strong stance of the UK video games industry against illegitimate operators."

"The case represents one of multiple industry endeavours to prevent bad actors from infringing upon and exploiting the intellectual property rights associated with games."

What else can be done to fight piracy?

Nintendo wins UK court case blocking piracy sites

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