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Nintendo will tell us more about Switch in January

That's when we'll get a specific release date too.

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Recently we got our first official look at the Nintendo Switch, previously known as NX, in a trailer that showcased the features and focus of the machine. Nintendo was clear that there was more to be announced regarding the platform, however, and now we know that they will do just that in a streamed presentation on January 12.

In this presentation they will give us a specific release date as well as talk about some of the games in development in more detail. Around that time media and Nintendo partners will also be invited to try out the Switch in the US and Europe, and there will be events for customers to try it too.

The exact time for the stream will be made public in a few weeks, but at least you can mark January 12 in the calendars. What do you think they'll say in the presentation?

Nintendo will tell us more about Switch in January

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