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Nintendo UK is UKIE's Digital Schoolhouse lead partner

They'll support the program with a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate esports competition, expected to reach 60 schools.

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Nintendo UK has announced that they are the Digital Schoolhouse program's new lead partner, supporting the not-for-profit initiative from UKIE, delivering "play-based learning and industry best practice to a projected 32,000 pupils this academic year".

On top of that, Nintendo UK is supporting the DSH's national esports school tournament, including the DSH Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Team Battle, giving those involved a chance to experience skills like team hosting and production. This tournament is expected to reach over 6,000 students in 60 schools and colleges.

Kalpesh Tailor, Head of Communications at Nintendo UK, said: "Nintendo UK is extremely excited to be working together with Ukie's Digital Schoolhouse as lead partner. The Digital Schoolhouse programme uniquely combines computing, fun, creativity and innovation, all of which are synonymous and at the heart of Nintendo's values."

"Through this collaborative partnership we aim to reach more teachers and pupils than ever before, in order to help inspire the next generation of young minds across the UK. Through Digital Schoolhouse Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Team Battle with Nintendo Switch, as well as through other play-based learning initiatives, we want to be able to provide young adults with fun and unique experiences that will form positive lasting memories as well as foster the development of skillsets within students which they can take with them into their future."

"We're delighted Nintendo UK has agreed to throw its support behind Digital Schoolhouse. DSH has evolved enormously in just three years and their support means we can reach more pupils and teachers than ever with our transformative and inspiring programme," adds Shahneila Saeed, Director of Digital Schoolhouse.

"To date, these partnerships have helped DSH achieve national expansion and rapid growth, which is testament to the significant commitment from schools across the country to improve their digital skills provision. Nintendo is the latest global company to pick up the baton and push forward the programme into the next academic year."

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Nintendo UK is UKIE's Digital Schoolhouse lead partner

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