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Nintendo turn a profit, but Wii U struggles

Revenue down slightly, but the Japanese giant still turn a profit.

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Nintendo reported on their first quarter of fiscal 2014 (April 1, 2013-March 31, 2014) this morning. They managed to turn a profit 8.6 billion yen (compared to a loss of 17.2 billion yen last year), in spite of revenue falling by 3.8 percent.

The company also released some sales numbers and while 3DS business remains strong, Wii U is of major concern, but hopefully a string of high-profile releases to close the year can turn things around.

During the period 1.4 million 3DS units were sold worldwide, accompanied by 11 million units of software. On the Wii U side of the fence only 160,000 units of hardware and 1.03 million units of software were sold. In fact, Wii U did not beat Wii (210,000/3.67 million).

On the software side of things Animal Crossing: New Leaf was the big winner with 1.19 million sold in the U.S. and Europe (1.54 million worldwide to add to the 3 million already sold in Japan). Luigi's Mansion 2 (1.43 million) and Tomodachi Collection (1.39 million units in Japan) also did well.

Nintendo turn a profit, but Wii U struggles

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