Nintendo Switch's storage could be expanded with USB drives

But Nintendo won't allow external devices yet, as it would impact the system's portable feature.

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As previously leaked and now confirmed by Nintendo after today's presentation, its Switch console will include 32 GB of internal flash memory for storage. There, just like on Wii U, you'll be able to save both the system's software, games, apps and additional downloadable content, and given the machine's handheld option, you'll now be able to carry all that around with you.

One of our staff members at the European press event for the console, currently being held in London, has just gathered a couple of additional details on this storage aspect and its potential expansion, something of utter importance for those of us who plan on getting digital content for the console/handheld.

It looks like the Nintendo Switch game cards (or cartridges if you like) are not re-writable, as they're read-only solid memory units. This means its capacity will never be available for, for example, storing game saves or DLC on the free space left over (it must be said here that basic cards are said to be around 16 GB).

Then, users looking for extra storage space will have an alternative that combines what's been offered before by Wii U and 3DS, but with some further considerations:

• Nintendo Switch by default supports up to 2 TB of additional storage via high capacity SD cards (microSDXC), though that size isn't available yet (you can manage with smaller ones meanwhile).

• Nintendo Switch is also able to support external hard disk drives via the USB 2.0 ports placed on the side of the console's dock. However, this option has not yet been activated on the system: Nintendo is still considering it, mainly for mobility reasons, because if you save your games on an external USB memory drive connected to your dock, you wouldn't be able to take them with you in handheld mode, which goes against the main feature and philosophy of the new system.

Even though 32 GB seems too little nowadays, let's also keep in mind that we're talking about a portable device with storage that can be expanded via memory cards, so users shouldn't actually have many storage issues in the long run.

Nintendo Switch's storage could be expanded with USB drives
Nintendo Switch's storage could be expanded with USB drives

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