Nintendo Switch successor has a codename: MUJI

Following hardware leaks earlier this week, we now have a name to associate with the next console.

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It's official now. The race to unveil Nintendo's next console has begun and the announcement will take place later this fiscal year. In fact, this week we've not only had the balance of last year's results and the promise of seeing Nintendo Switch 2 in the coming months, but we've also been getting a glimpse of some of the key components and what we can expect from the console.

Now comes a new confirmation of the Switch's successor: its codename. The Famiboards forums have been drip-dropping (and very scattered) some information from Nintendo insiders, and this internal designation for Switch 2 has now come to light. We can now call it Nintendo Switch MUJI.

According to Nintendo Universe editor Necrolipe, a voice recognised as a reliable source of Nintendo news, confirms that this is the actual codename by which the new console is known, and that it has been circulating for months among certain circles close to Nintendo.

What does Muji, the name of Nintendo Switch 2, mean?

While undisclosed internal product designations are often meaningless, at Nintendo the name has often revealed some evolution of the way the console is used (or revolution, as was the codename for Wii).

With Muji we're not sure what it might mean, but Nintenduo has come up with a pretty solid theory about its meaning. They claim that Muji is a word resulting from joining two Japanese kanji that create the expression "formless" or "flat", something that could also be described as a blank canvas. Another explanation is given by another way of forming the phonetics of Muji with other kanji, which would form an expression that could be translated as "next dream".

Be that as it may, the only thing we can say so far is that we already have a name for Switch 2, and that is MUJI.

Nintendo Switch successor has a codename: MUJI

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