Nintendo Switch sets records in France and Italy

Europe has truly embraced Switch in its first year.

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It should come as no surprise to anyone at this point, that the Nintendo Switch is a great success in almost every market, and now Nintendo's hybrid console can add two additional impressive milestones to its name.

First off, Nintendo Italy has announced via a press release, that the console has become the fastest selling console of all time in the country. It has overtaken the previous record holder, the Nintendo Wii. Nintendo Italy's General Manager, Andrea Persegatti, attributes the success of the platform to the outstanding software, which has connected with a wide audience in Italy.

That's not all, however, recent sales numbers provided by Le Figaro reveals, that the Nintendo Switch has officially overtaken the Wii U by selling 911.000 units in 2017. The Wii U only managed to shift 832.000 units during its lifespan. Not only that, according to statistics from to Gameblog, the Switch is close to overtaking the Xbox One, which is sitting at 1.26 million units sold.

There seems to be no stopping the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch sets records in France and Italy

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