Nintendo reportedly in talks with Sega about "New Switch" and "Switch 2"

The latest rumours and comments from the company's CEO suggest that Switch will remain part of the name of the new console. Fans continue to push for "Super Nintendo Switch".

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Nintendo finally decided to make the announcement of the announcement. The other day, on the occasion of its annual earnings report, it committed to announce the successor to its Switch hybrid console before April 2025. Of course, beyond that window, that announcement is completely empty. Apart from the rumours, nothing is known about the new machine at an official level, not even what it will be called.

What will the new Switch be called?

In this sense, it has been said that the new hardware has the codename MUJI and that, with it being a continuist machine, it will keep the Switch brand in its final name. Nintendo boss Shuntaro Furukawa's definition of it as more of a "new Switch model" reinforces this theory.

While fans have been clamouring for the console to be called Super Nintendo Switch as a nostalgic nod to the 16-bit SNES, there's always a risk that it could just look like a "Pro" revision and not be considered a new generation. Now, the active and reliable leaker of Sega and Atlus matters who goes by the name of Midori on X claims that Nintendo itself has been referring to the successor as "New Switch" and "Switch 2" in talks with both Japanese companies. The latter had been widely heard, naturally. The former, previously used by Nintendo with 3DS or Super Mario Bros., not so much.

He also admits that he doesn't think these names will be kept in the future in official capacity, but that they have simply been used as casual references among people in the industry, as has been the case in media and communities.

What do you think Nintendo Switch 2 will be called and when will we see it in the current fiscal year?

Nintendo reportedly in talks with Sega about "New Switch" and "Switch 2"

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