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Nintendo removes the Wii U from its US website

Nintendo of America pulls the console's listing from its official site, and there's no sign of seventh generation games either.

It's onwards and upwards for Nintendo, in North America at least, as the platform holder has removed the Wii U from its official website, as well as scrubbing the site clean of older titles for the Wii and DS.

With the Switch doing the business for Nintendo, it's easy to forget that the Wii U really struggled and the company was in a sticky situation when its old-gen console didn't attract as many users as Mario would have liked (he is, after all, a very demanding plumber). That's all in the past now, however, after Nintendo removed the Wii U listing and a bunch of older titles from its database as it looks to the future and what it might hold.

That said, Nintendo UK's official site is still carrying a Wii U page, so it's not all doom and gloom for a platform which, while not universally popular, still holds a place in many a gamer's heart.

Nintendo removes the Wii U from its US website

Thanks, Resetera.

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