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Nintendo points to coronavirus over Switch production delay

Production of Nintendo's console has been halted temporarily as China continues to battle the coronavirus.

Nintendo has announced that there are production delays for the Switch, with supply lines and factories currently offline while China continues to battle the spread of the coronavirus.

The majority of Switch units are made by Foxconn in China, and as the country continues to combat the spread of the deadly viral outbreak, the company's main factory remains out of action. That has had an impact on Nintendo's domestic business, with the company confirming the disruption to the production of the Switch itself, plus Joy-Cons and the Ring Fit Adventure, which has proved very popular in Japan.

There is still a question mark over how these production problems will impact the European market but with the spread of the coronavirus showing little sign of slowing, the knock-on effect could be felt for some time.

Nintendo points to coronavirus over Switch production delay

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