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Nintendo marks eShop's 5th anniversary with half-price sale

Including classics like Mario, Zelda and Metroid.

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Nintendo's eShop has been around for five years now, and to celebrate the anniversary there is now a huge sale including some big titles.

From 3pm Friday, June 9, through to June 23, many games will be half-price in the sale, including titles on the Wii U and the 3DS, as well as Virtual Console games.

Mario games are among the many included, with Super Mario Galaxy being reduced from £17.99 to £8.99 and Super Mario 64 seeing a reduction from £8.99 to £4.49.

Other gems from Nintendo are also available at reduced prices, such as the Metroid Trilogy cut down to £8.99 from £17.99 and Donkey Kong 64 at £4.49 from £8.99.

Earthbound, F-Zero and Zelda are among the other franchises included in the sale.

For the full list of games in the sale visit Nintendo's official site.

Nintendo marks eShop's 5th anniversary with half-price sale

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