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Nintendo leaves the launch of a new Switch in the air

The company wants to extend the hybrid console's life cycle, but doesn't specify how they plan to do it.

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Nintendo Switch keeps being a big success, as proven by the latest Nintendo financial report. Its format and catalogue have struck a cord within the audience and the console is breaking all the manufacturer's records. But everything has its limits, and the company wants Switch to reach its own as late as possible.

During the press conference held after the latest investors meeting at Nintendo, the president of the Japanese company, Shuntaro Furukawa, stated that the strategy is keeping on "extending Switch longevity". Not in vain have they said on multiple occasions over the last two years that the platform is halfway through its life cycle.

That could mean that the new Nintendo generation would be at least 2 or 3 years away. Furukawa has also commented on this:

"We are constantly investigating the future hardware. We will continue to focus on offering unique game experiences that integrate hardware and software."

Nintendo leaves the launch of a new Switch in the air

Prolonging the Switch life would allow Nintendo to take it easy and polish its new platform, as well as to avoid the distribution problems hampering the sales of the Xbox Series and, especially, of the PlayStation 5. This move would also make the speculations about a Switch update, rather than a completely new console, more suitable with the short-term plans in Kyoto.

Does this mean that we will have a new Nintendo Switch model in the FY 2023, between April 1st 2022 and March 31st 2023? That was one of the questions asked to the president during the press conference, although his reaction was evasive. Furukawa has refused to comment on the matter.

This year's catalogue is huge and 2023 has already in store some gems such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. Financial forecasts for next months don't seem to reflect the costs associated with a global campaign and the mass production and distribution of a brand-new platform. However, they could be actually linked to the release of a new hardware update, which would also make sense according to the latest Nvidia leaks, that point to some sort of New Nintendo Switch or Switch Plus.

Will Nintendo make the move?

Nintendo leaves the launch of a new Switch in the air

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