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Splatoon 3

Nintendo is launching a Splatoon 3 OLED Switch this August

It has rather colourful Joy-Cons.

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With the launch date for Splatoon 3 nearing, Nintendo has officially announced the existence of a Splatoon 3-themed OLED Switch, which comes with a pair of colourful Joy-Cons, and will be releasing a couple of weeks before the game does.

While you can see a proper look at the Switch in the trailer below, the device features a white dock with a grey Splatoon pattern etched on it and a bright yellow paint splodge, as well as a purple and green set of Joy-Cons that also have Splatoon etchings.

The Switch itself will be launching on August 26 and will retail for £319.99, and if you're interested in further Splatoon 3-themed Switch gear, a Pro Controller with a similar design will arrive on September 9 for £64.99, as will a Carrying Case.

Splatoon 3Splatoon 3
Splatoon 3Splatoon 3

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