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The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Nintendo has changed the name of Wrecking Crew's Spike in Japan to avoid offending people

The character, who also appears in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, is known to the West as Spike, but goes by Blackie in Japan.

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If you've been to the cinema to see The Super Mario Bros. Movie, then you'll be familiar with the big-screen appearance of Mario's former foreman, Spike, a character that was actually introduced back in the Wrecking Crew game. While few general moviegoers will probably not recognise the heritage of the character, Nintendo has kicked into effect a change across Japan in the effort of avoiding offending people.

As announced on the company's Japanese Twitter channel, the character that was formerly known as Blackie has been renamed in Japan to Spike. This will be put into effect first and foremost when Illumination's movie opens in Japan next week, on April 28.

All things considered, it's probably a smart change.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

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