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Nintendo donates 9500 N95 masks to North Bend, Washington

City of North Bend, Washington is getting help from none other than gaming giant Nintendo.

More and more companies are stepping up to help fight the coronavirus in different ways, amongst them Razer, Apple, Sony and Microsoft. Now Nintendo is doing the very same thing and has donated 9500 N95 masks (removes 95% of all particles) to the city North Bend, Washington (yup, the city known from the TV series Twin Peaks).

Nintendo representative Jerry Danson revealed that "masks were originally purchased for emergency preparedness planning", but they "knew there were needed elsewhere" when the corona crisis settled in. According to the official homepage, North Bend is the home of Nintendo's American production facility, so it makes a whole lot of sense for them to help out there of course. Hopefully, more companies will follow suit.

Nintendo donates 9500 N95 masks to North Bend, Washington

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