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Super Mario Maker

Nintendo deletes player-made Super Mario Maker levels

No clear indication as to exactly why.

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Here at Gamereactor HQ we love Super Mario Maker (head this way for our gushing review). Since the game was released last autumn we have spent countless hours with Nintendo's creative platformer, and we're not alone.

A huge number of levels have been uploaded and so far it has been mostly brilliant stuff. However, it turns out that Nintendo has picked out a number of fan-created levels, and without any warning they have been erased.

When Nintendo released Super Mario Maker they reserved the right to remove levels that were not sufficiently popular, stating:

"Notice regarding course uploads. Please be aware that after a fixed period of time, courses with low popularity will be automatically deleted from the server. Nintendo reserves the right to use uploaded courses and related data, either as-is or with alterations, for either commercial or noncommercial purposes without compensation to the uploader."

Despite this, many players whose levels have been erased are surprised that Nintendo has not yet defined what "low popularity" really means. It remains to be seen whether Nintendo will engage in a discussion and clarify what applies and what does not.

Super Mario Maker

Thanks, Kotaku.

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