Nintendo boss Doug Bowser crushes internet troll

Although surprisingly not over a gaming related manner.

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If you use the internet, you are obviously familiar with the fact that sometimes people come up with completely outlandish opinions and blindly defend them at all costs.

However, this is apparently not unique to "ordinary people", even the world's top executives behave in exactly the same way. On Reddit, it was reported that Nintendo of America CEO Doug Bowser got into a fight on LinkedIn where Crestview Strategy head Chad Rogers wrote about airplane etiquette and in an aggressive post explained (with an AI image) that no one behind him is allowed to touch his seat, like when they are about to stand up.

Apparently, this is something that engaged the Nintendo boss, who counterattacked:

"Rather arrogant and entitled comment. Some people may be challenged moving to thier [sic] seat (physical limitations, narrowness of seating areas, etc.). That said if a passenger should need to support themselves getting in/out of a seat they should be as gentle they physically can.

PS. Where on your ticket purchase documentation are your 'rights' to the seat back or other 'rules' you speak of declared?"

This clearly made Chad Rogers even angrier, and he wrote some toxic posts, including one about how Bowser was not invited to comment in the thread. Bowser responded:

"Manners are different from rights. I do see the arrogance is still prevalent however. Have yourself a good day."

The story then continued with Rogers deleting Bowser's comments and then pretending he didn't know who it was when someone brought Bowser up. However, the internet never forgets and you can see it all on Reddit - while we've now learned that top executives are just as likely to be internet trolls and their comment sections are the same as ours (and gold star to Bowser for professional behavior).

Nintendo boss Doug Bowser crushes internet troll

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