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Nintendo announces a Switch dock-less bundle for Japan

"Switch 2nd Unit Set" costs £ 33/37 euros less than the standard version.

Nintendo of Japan has just announced a new bundle for the Switch, and as you might expect it includes the console itself and a pair of Joy-Cons (complete with straps). What's interesting about this new package is that the platformer holder has ditched the dock that lets players connect the console to the TV (and with the HDMI cable).

This unusual bundle, which is called the "Switch 2nd Unit Set", is exactly what the name suggests; a console designed for those who already own a Nintendo Switch but who want to buy a second console to share with the rest of the family.

The package is currently only confirmed for the Japanese market and will cost 5,000 yen less (that's roughly $45 / £33 / 37 euros) than the standard hardware bundle. We don't know if this new SKU will make it over to Western markets, but we will obviously keep you updated.

Would you buy a second Switch without a dock if given the option?