Nintendo and Puma announce new round of Mario-sneakers

The shoes are inspired by both Super Mario 64 and Sunshine.

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Nintendo has all kinds of collaborations currently due to the fact that Super Mario has his 35th anniversary this year. Now they have revealed a new round of Puma sneakers, called Future Rider, Clyde, and RS-Fast, all of them with themes from Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

Future Rider is based on Super Mario 64, and are the most "Mario-ish" of the bunch with typical Mario colors. Clyde is based on Super Mario Sunshine, which probably is the cleanest shoe that also sports a Formstripe with the inspiration of water. Finally, there's RS-Fast, a shoe with mainly cold colors and a star.

These will be released in the US on November 27 for $90, but neither pricing nor a release date has been confirmed for Europe yet.

Nintendo and Puma announce new round of Mario-sneakers

Thanks, Hype Beast.

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