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Ninja's Fortnite Las Vegas charity event breaks records

The Twitch record has been shattered again.

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It's no secret that Fortnite streamer Ninja has got an incredible amount of popularity, breaking the record for Twitch viewers when he streamed the game with hip-hop artist Drake, and now he's broken the record again by registering 667,000 concurrent Twitch viewers during his competitive event at the Esports Arena Las Vegas this past weekend.

The event saw a number of Fortnite players descend on the venue to take Ninja on, and although he's known for being rather good at the game, he actually only won one of the nine games on show, with others like a player called Blind and a 14-year-old competitor 4DRStormYT taking victories in the other games.

The $2,500 USD that Ninja won for his victory went to an Alzheimers charity though, and the whole event proves that Fortnite's popularity in terms of viewership is still going strong, so we may well see more events like this in the future.

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Photo: Esports Arena Las Vegas

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