Ninjala Season 3 will arrive October 28

New weapons, a new story chapter, and a new Spectator Mode will arrive soon.

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Season 3 is set to arrive on October 28 for Ninjala, the free-to-play brawler which released exclusively on Nintendo Switch earlier this year. The new season is set to bring a boatload of new features with the highlight being The Croissant Arena - a new French-inspired stage.

Also present within the update is two new hammer weapons, as well as a new Gum Ninjitsu, Special, and Gum Shoot. Chapter 2 of the Story Mode will be making its arrival here as will a new Spectator Mode, which will allow players to watch others in Battle Royale and Team Battle modes. Lastly, Cartoon Anime episode 4 will be present and will introduce a new character known as Gumchi to the game's universe.

You can watch the 10th developer diary here which details the upcoming third season.


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