Ninjala reveals plans for 1-Year Anniversary

The plans also include details about Seasons 5 and 6 for the game.

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GungHo Online has revealed the plans for the 1-Year Anniversary for Ninjala, it's hit battle game for Nintendo Switch. The full scope of plans include two new collaborations, a featured Battle, as well revealed details for its upcoming fifth and sixth seasons.

On the lead up to the 1-Year Anniversary celebration, which is set for June 2021. Ninjala will be receiving a second collaboration with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu that will feature new in-game music and a commemorative shirt. Likewise, Uncle Death will be coming to the game as part of the LET IT DIE collaboration. This will bring a bunch of goodies such as headgear and Ninja-Gum for the Matsuri Board.

A new featured Battle is also set to be on the cards. S-Blast Battle will replace the S-Bursts mechanics with S-Blasts, so that instead of parrying when attacked, you will push your opponent away. The rules will remain similar, i.e. grab the most points and you win, however there will also be some new Xenon Headphones on the cards as a Battle reward.

Another event is also set to arrive before the anniversary event in June, called the Loot Battle Matsuri, although no date has been specified for that as of yet.

In terms of season 5 and 6, here is what is coming to the game:

Season 5

  • New Gum Weapon

  • New Shinobi Cards

  • New Featured Battle

  • New collaboration

  • An online tournament mode

  • A tutorial mode where players can learn the rules of Ninjala and earn rewards

Season 6

  • New Gum Weapon

  • New stage

  • New Shinobi Cards

  • New collaboration

  • New Featured Battle

  • A commemorative anniversary event

To round out all of this, clans, multiplayer lobbies with avatars and other additional requested features are also in the works, and are "set to be added moving forward," the press release reads.


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