Ninjala reaches 5 million downloads

The game is also celebrating its third season, starting today.

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The bubblegum brawler, Ninjala is kicking-off its third season, with a content drop today, featuring a whole bunch of new stuff to play around with. With a new French-themed arena, two new weapon types, and Chapter 2 of the story mode, there is plenty for fans to dive right into. The further details of the new season are:

- The Croissant Arena, a French-inspired stage, with a new Drone Monitor that lets players locate where Drones spawn.
- The Baiting Shark, a Gum Ninjutsu trap of which attracts players with an unsuspecting scroll, before attacking them with a shark.
- The Full-Throttle Field Special, a health regenerating barrier to protect wounded Ninjas.
- The Gum Laser Gum Shoot that fires a laser in a straight line and burns anything it touches.
- Two new Hammer weapons.
- A spectator mode that allows players to watch Battle Royale and Team Battle matches.
- Chapter 2 of Story Mode, which is available for purchase for €9.99 and follows Berecca and her quest to uncover the truth behind her father's death.

You can check out the full update notes here.

Ninjala has now reached over 5 million downloads. To get in on the action, be sure to check out the game today on Nintendo Switch.


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