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Ninjala has now surpassed 8 million downloads

100 Jala is being given as a gift to all players.

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The guys over at Gungho Online are celebrating yet another big milestone for their free-to-play brawler Ninjala. The team has revealed that downloads have now surpassed 8 million, which is a further increase of a million since we last reported this May.

Just as they have done in the past, the team is offering a commemorative gift for all players that can only be redeemed for a limited period. From now until December 2 at 01:59 GMT/ 02:59 CET, players can claim 100 Jala (Ninjala's in-game currency) and this can be spent towards anything in the Speciality Shop. If you're wondering about the real world of this gift then it's around the value of 79p, as a 1000 Jala Pack can be purchased for £7.99.


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