Ninjala has now been downloaded 6 million times on Nintendo Switch

The developer's are currently offering free in-game currency to celebrate this milestone.

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Ninjala's wacky and child friendly take on the battle royale genre continues to be a thriving success, as it has been revealed that the game has just surpassed 6 million downloads. This means that an extra one million players have joined the fight since last October, when we reported that it had shattered the milestone of five million.

Developer SOLEIL is celebrating this achievement by giving fans a little in-game gift. From now until January 24, players can obtain 100 Jala for free by checking their inboxes. If you don't know already, Jala is the premium currency within the game and can be used to purchase items such as costumes and stickers.

Recently, details for Season 5 and 6 of Ninjala were also revealed. You can read more about what's to come within the free-to-play title here.


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