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Ninja Turtles content for Street Fighter 6 is expensive as hell so players make their own costumes

"Mum can we get the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DLC?" We have the TMNT DLC at home.

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Yesterday, Ninja Turtles content arrived for Street Fighter 6, something we told you more about in a previous story. What was not revealed then was that the content is not exactly cheap, in fact, if you want everything that this DLC offers, it will cost you a bit over $50. Just a single costume for one of the pizza-loving turtles, for example, goes for fifteen dollars each.

These costumes can't be used in the game, it's just a look for the game's Battle Hub. The pricing has of course caused some reactions around the web, where this summarizes it all pretty well: "I'd much rather buy four pet turtles and tons of pizza with that amount of money."

So, the creative solution is of course to make your own costume in the game, and while the result may not be as good - it is at least a lot cheaper. Especially when all the Turtles content costs more than the game itself. So, this is of course what players have already started to do and below are pictures of the nice creations and you can hardly see any difference.

Street Fighter 6Street Fighter 6

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