Nine Parchments

Nine Parchments is "like a twin-stick shooter with magic"

We talked with Frozenbyte in Tokyo recently.

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Nine Parchments is a game coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One from developer Frozenbyte, and at the Tokyo Game Show this year we talked to Kai Tuovinen from the studio about the vision for the game, and what the team wanted to achieve.

"We wanted to make a fun co-op game that plays a bit like a twin-stick shooter but with spells and magic, so that was kind of the vision," he explained. "I think the most fun is definitely playing it with co-op with friends. There is some story to the game, like in the beginning and end, and you unlock the different characters via like sidequests you find throughout the game, but yeah, you should definitely play it with friends."

We asked about the characters too, and Tuovinen explained that there's a lot of choice. "So each of the characters start out with different types of starting spells, like for example the fire mage [...] he starts out with fireball." He also went on to say that "there's also like a skill tree system in the game, which is tied to the levels, so by killing monsters you get experience on your characters and at the end of each level you get to choose some skill points into different skill trees that are unique to each character."

Does this sound like something you'll play with friends?

Nine Parchments

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