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Tekken 8

Nina confirmed for Tekken 8 in gameplay trailer

We're at least getting one Williams in Bandai Namco's upcoming fighting game, and she knows how to beat the sh.. out of big guys...oh, and she dual-wields pistols.

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Bandai Namco loves to reveal new stuff about upcoming games at game tournaments, so Katsuhiro Harada's teasing the days leading up to the Tekken World Tour 2022 Finals all but confirmed we'd see more of Tekken 8 at the show. The only question was: what would we get? Well, the headline spoiled it for you, but the answer is: a return of a beloved character with a new style.

Yes, Nina Williams will obviously be in Tekken 8, and the gameplay trailer below reveals that she has left the wedding dress behind to instead get a new outfit more suited for fighting...and to holster her two pistols. We're also shown how the new Heat system can be used to get different kinds of advantages, giving us a nice mix of old and new.

Tekken 8

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