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Nimona (Netflix)

Nimona (Netflix)

There's cyberpunk fantasy, dark conspiracies and shape-shifting teens in Netflix's new animated adventure series.

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Nimona is the tale of the titular character who teams up with a seemingly vengeful supervillain called Ballister, who soon turns out to be a displaced knight framed for a gruesome murder. Together, this mismatched pair form a formidable team who must trust each other to uncover the truth about the strange world they inhabit.

Things looked bleak for Blue Sky Studio's fantasy film Nimona after Disney threw it in the trash during the Fox acquisition. After almost seven years, Netflix came to the rescue and has now launched Nimona - a sort of futuristic medieval dystopia based on the graphic novel of the same name by Noelle Stevenson. I can only say that I'm extremely grateful that the movie actually happened in the end, because this is a great little family adventure not to be missed!

Nimona is an energetic blend of genres reminiscent of the refreshing fairy tale satire of the Shrek movies, where we are treated to a fun and sad friendship story that grabs you from the first frame to the last. It's sassy, it's mischievous, it's engaging, and above all, it's incredibly well-written. Nimona is a wonderful little troll who gives the film lots of life and colour, and I really like how it breaks boundaries and tropes to tell the best story possible.

Nimona (Netflix)

At first, the animation isn't entirely convincing, but as the plot unfolds, you see how well thought-out the storytelling actually is at its core, with several delightful sequences that blend the medieval and the futuristic in an unexpectedly accurate way. By the end, you're completely immersed in the Arcane-scented aesthetic and the cyberpunk knightly fable, which is constantly brimming with fun details.

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The weakest part of the movie is unfortunately the final act, which doesn't quite match the originality of its first two-thirds, but if anything, the movie's strong emotional thread and character focus shines through in the finale, and by the end of the movie I just wanted more. More of this world, more of these characters. It's sassy, quirky, touching, quirky and memorable in a way that should make a certain Big Mouse blush with shame.

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Nimona (Netflix)

Nimona (Netflix)

MOVIE REVIEW. Written by André Lamartine

There's cyberpunk fantasy, dark conspiracies and shape-shifting teens in Netflix's new animated adventure series.

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