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Nightingale will have "a million realms, one universe"

We caught up with Inflexion Games' CEO to learn a little more about this shared world survival crafting game.

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A few weeks ago at The Game Awards, Inflexion Games revealed Nightingale, a shared world survival crafting title set in a Victorian gaslamp fantasy land. The reveal gave us a glimpse at what we'll be in store for when Nightingale lands on PC at some point in 2022, but didn't dive into a huge amount of depth as to what the game will be and how gameplay will work. Fortunately, to get some answers and to learn a little more, we recently had a chance to catch up with Inflexion's CEO Aaryn Flynn to chat about some of the intricacies of Nightingale.

"The idea with our shared world is that many survival crafting games, end up often having isolated servers and isolated experiences from the rest of the community. We're investing a lot in our infrastructure and our abilities to offer players a completely united community," said Flynn. "We want players to always feel united and connected to each other. You can play solo, you don't have to play with others, that's your choice, but if you do want to play with others, if you do want to play with your friends, if you do want to have that shared experience then you get a chance to connect with them and have them join your realm and participate in that, and you can go to visit other realms."

Flynn continued, "You feel connected to them, you always feel like you are one united community, all in the pursuit of this goal of discovering Nightingale, this lost magical city that you have been cut off from, and doing all this great gameplay in these shared realms."

Later in the interview, we also asked Flynn about how the portals system will work and whether there's a limit to the realms a player can explore.

"We're going to talk about some things in the future, once we finish them all and get them all ready, about how players are going to have a chance to interact with portals and set the realm up to go to and to visit," replied Flynn. "We have a saying internally in the team when we talk about this idea for this portals and back to the united community, which is 'a million realms, one universe', and this notion that there could be countless realms out there. At the same time, we always want players to feel like, if I know you're playing and I'm playing, we can say 'hey, let's go and meet up in a realm somewhere', and we have a chance to do that. We want our players to always feel like they are part of that one single united community."

You can catch our full interview with Flynn, where we talk about the fantasy aspect of Nightingale, as well as its story, and what sort of weapons and abilities we can look forward to using, below.


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