Nightingale introduces offline mode in new update

If you want to take survival solo, now you can even without an online connection.

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Nightingale, the survival adventure game from Inflexion Games, manages to mix interesting magic from its fey elements with steampunk-esque technology in a rather unique blend for the genre. It drew a lot of players when it first launched in early access, but something a lot of people thought was missing was offline mode.

Luckily, in a new update Nightingale adds just that. As outlined in the trailer below, you'll be able to take on the world alone without an internet connection as of today. This isn't the only new feature in the update, though.

Now, you can also build from your storage, meaning you don't have to carry all your materials in your inventory. And, new monsters have been added to make those offline runs that much more difficult.


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